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Patents for U.S.-Based Firms

Assisting US tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

PCT and Foreign Priority
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Patent & Technical Translations

Accurate patent and technical translations for filing and litigation.

Deposition and Court Interpreters

Experienced Japanese interpreters for depositions and court sessions.

Oath or Decralation and Assignment

Oath or Declaration
     An oath needs to be administered by an authorized person, but such a person may not be readily available in your country. Only your inventors need to execute a declaration, which is therefore easier to prepare in a timely manner. When you commission us to file your application in the USPTO, we will send you a declaration for your inventors' signatures. Our declaration contains following statements:

     "The above-identified application was made or authorized to be made by me.
     "I believe that I am the original inventor of a claimed invention in the application.
     "I reviewed and understands the contents of the application, including the claims.
     "I am aware of the duty to disclose to the Office all information known to me to be material to patentability as defined in § 1.56*.
     "I hereby acknowledge that my willful false statement made in this declaration is punishable under 18U.S.C. 1001 by fine or imprisonment of not more than five (5) years, or both."

*) 37 U.S.R. 1.56(b) defines that information is material to patentability when it establishes a prima facie case of unpatentability or it is inconsistent with a position against an argument of unpatentability relied on by the Office.

     An assignment is also executed by your inventors and hence, can be combined with the declaration into one document. Please let us know whether you want to combine them in one document or keep them separate.

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