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Patents for U.S.-Based Firms

Assisting US tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

PCT and Foreign Priority

Assisting Asian tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

Patent & Technical Translations

Accurate patent and technical translations for filing and litigation.

Deposition and Court Interpreters

Experienced Japanese interpreters for depositions and court sessions.

Deposition and Court Interpreters

Consecutive Japanese Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, an interpreter takes notes while a speaker delivers a short segment of his/her speech, and then interprets the segment to the audience while the speaker pauses. This is the most common form of interpretation and no special equipment is required.

Simultaneous Japanese Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, interpreters interpret a language literally as it is spoken to an audience. In most cases, simultaneous interpretation services are provided using audio equipment. Simultaneous interpretation is physically demanding even for well-trained interpreters and hence, in order to ensure the quality of interpretation, we usually send a pair of interpreters for a simultaneous interpretation assignment.

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