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Assisting US tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

PCT and Foreign Priority

Examples of Our Fees
USPTO Surcharges, Multiple Dependency
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Accurate patent and technical translations for filing and litigation.

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Examples of Our Fees for PCT National Stage Entry and Applications Claiming Priority to Foreign Applications

Fees herein are presented for your reference purposes only. For these fees, we assume that your application has 20 or fewer claims. We also assume that you are responsible for all translations and technical analysis of USPTO office actions.

Actual fees vary based on the nature and size of each application. Please send an English translation of your application for accurate fee estimates. Moreover, our fees below do not include fees payable to the USPTO.

⚫  Filing an application in the USPTO:


          We will send you an MS Word template into which you enter
          the English translation.

⚫  Claim amendment at filing:


          USPTO charges very large fees on multiple dependent claims.
          Therefore, we recommend amending multiple dependent claims to
          single dependent claims.

⚫  Response to restriction requirement:

$75 without traverse


$200 with traverse

⚫  Response to OA and Amendment:

$250 each. $450 together.

⚫  Telephone interview with examiner:


⚫  Submitting a petition:


⚫  Submitting an appeal notice:


⚫  Submitting an appeal brief:


⚫  Submitting IDS and other documents:

$150 each

⚫  Paying issue fees:


Please contact us for a free very cost-effective quote.