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Patents for U.S.-Based Firms

Assisting US tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

PCT and Foreign Priority
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Patent & Technical Translations

Accurate patent and technical translations for filing and litigation.

Deposition and Court Interpreters

Experienced Japanese interpreters for depositions and court sessions.

PCT National Stage Entry and U.S. Applications
Claiming Priority to Foreign Applications

     Dr. Takeo Ohashi, a U.S. patent agent, assists technology companies and patent law firms in Asian countries in filing and prosecuting patent applications in the USPTO via PCT national stage entry under U.S.C. 371 and/or claiming priority to their non-U.S. applications (i.e., foreign applications in relation to the USPTO) in a very cost effective manner.
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Minimum requirement for establishing the U.S. national stage entry date.
     You can enter the U.S. national stage under 35 U.S.C. 371 by submitting a copy of your international application as filed and by paying the national fee within 30 months since the PCT application date or the priority date. Submitting a copy of your WIPO publication will not do. It is the application as filed that is required.

     In addition, we recommend submitting inventors' oath or declaration and paying search and examination fees on the national stage entry date. Otherwise, you will be required to pay surcharges.

     You do not need to file the English translation of your application in order to obtain the national stage entry date, but if you want to reduce the total filing fees by eliminating multiple dependent claims, then you will need to submit the translation as well as the amendment to change multiple dependent claims to single dependent claims on the national stage entry date. If you submit them after your national stage entry date, then you will be required to pay hefty USPTO surcharges for multiple dependent claims.