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Patents for U.S.-Based Firms

Assisting US tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

PCT and Foreign Priority

Assisting Asian tech. firms in filing and prosecuting US patent applications

Patent & Technical Translations

Accurate patent and technical translations for filing and litigation.

Deposition and Court Interpreters

Experienced Japanese interpreters for depositions and court sessions.

Patent Applications for US-Based Firms

Dr. Takeo Ohashi, a U.S. patent agent, assists American technology companies in filing and prosecuting patent applications in the USPTO.

Dr. Ohashi is a graduate of the University of Tokyo (B.E. in applied physics). He earned his doctorate at Cornell University (Electrical Engineering). In addition, he holds an M.B.A. degree from New York University.

After working on development projects of high-end computer chips and semiconductor lasers in the U.S. industry, he helped as an export consultant U.S. technology companies sell aerospace and electronics products in Japan.

His fields of expertise include semiconductor technologies, materials science, electrical engineering, opto-electronics, telecommunications, aerospace engineering and computer technologies.

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